Thank you to everyone who donated towards our Wembley Weekend double header.

The donations this weekend totalled just over £1500 and, judging by the feedback, the matches and coverage seem to have gone down well. That last 20 minutes against Slough still seems to last forever and we knew what happened this time around!

The Vintage Port series has now ended but supporters can still donate any time.

A lot of work has gone in to the series and we thank everyone who has been involved in whatever way whether it was sending in photos, players doing the clips, interviews, support etc it was all very much appreciated. Alan Jones has put in a lot of time getting the matches sorted and has done an excellent job putting in many hours. Thank you Alan.

Most of all thank you to everyone who has watched the games, the viewing figures have been outstanding and the donations fantastic.

Hopefully we will have the real thing back soon.

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