UPDATE | Retained & Released List

UPDATE | Retained & Released List

As the club looks ahead to the 2020/21 season, we can now provide an update on the players retained, new signings, offered terms and those leaving.

All players, including the ones out of contract, were supported through the period 2 May – 31 July via the Government’s CJRS.

We’d like to thank those leaving for their efforts whilst playing for the club and wish them well for the future.

Stats for individual players are available here.

The list is correct as at 7 August.


Players retained

Adam Anson

Jack Sampson

David Morgan

Russ Benjamin

George Newell

Charlie Oliver

Jack Doyle

Marcus Wood

Connor Woods

Dean Winnard


New signings

Marcus Carver

Matt Challoner

Mo Ali


Offered terms

Dan Hanford



Andy Parry

Charlie Albinson

Morgan Homson-Smith (FC United of Manchester)

Ryan Astles (TNS)

Brad Bauress

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