UPDATE | Pitch Progress

17 June A month on and as you can see the recent heavy rainfall and sunshine have been perfect growing conditions for the new pitch which is looking in great condition.

20 May and the first Walkabout Wednesday with the opportunity to get a few more photos. The growth from May 6th has been quite remarkable.

19 May We have stripes!

18 May The latest picture taken shows some rapid growth.

7 May Let the germination begin!

Update 6 May Seeding has started.

Update May 3 300 tonnes of sand added Friday and Saturday. This is now being stone raked to ameliorate the sand and soil.

A few more pictures taken on April 29th showing the installation of over 40 gravel trenches that intersect the already in situ lateral pipe drainage. These run at 3 metre centres diagonally across the playing surface.

The work schedule is slightly different this time around.

Spray the surface to kill the vegetation (already completed)

Koro of the top surface

Cultivate and level the surface

Apply 300 tonnes of sand

New sand slits at .5m centres (were 1m centres last year)

New gravel drainage running at 3m centres diagonally across the surface.

Seed and sow

All the work is being carried out within the necessary social distancing guidelines.

Day 1

Day 2

29 April

3 May

6 May Seeding has started.

7 May Bring on the rain!

18 May

19 May

20 May Warwick & Bill “socially distancing”

17 June


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