UPDATE | Media Team

UPDATE | Media Team

We were all delighted with the success of our Live Stream of the Morpeth game yesterday it couldn’t have gone any better given it was our first attempt at doing anything like this.

Seven days ago nobody had a clue how to put out a Live Stream via the website. We could have done it via You Tube but that didn’t give us the option to charge for the stream. It has been a big learning curve for everyone in what has been a great team effort.

Rob and James set to work and with some fantastic support from Mick Davison from Scarborough FC, who has offered advice at every stage, we were good to go.

The actual stream went out perfectly with every issue we had highlighted being down to user error inputting codes or the device it was being viewed on. We will be updating about how best to view in the next couple of days.

The viewing figures surpassed anything we expected, so much so we had to urgently add bandwidth by midway through the first half. People tuned in from around the world with the viewing figures showing people had tuned in from USA, Australia, Denmark, Norway and Spain.

Alan Jones and James Houghton on commentary were brilliant (rumours of offers from Radio Stations are false) and fully deserving of the plaudits they have been getting.

The camera work by Bethany for her first attempt, without a suitable viewfinder, was excellent and will be even better going forward.

The score overlay froze due to internet issues at the ground but we were working in the background to get it up and running again and it was sorted for half time. Nicola Cave learned how to use the score overlay from the Press Area and it looked very professional.

The Club have made a substantial investment in a fantastic new camera and equipment and everyone agreed it was superb quality viewing.

We will be offering recordings of all the games via our online shop that can be sent out via We Transfer a week after the original game has been played, more details to follow on this.

If anyone is interested in sponsoring the stream and having your brand visible throughout the game get in touch with James Tedford secretary@southportfc.net 

The Q&A didn’t work too well ahead of the game but in retrospect trying to do a Q&A, socially distanced, without being able to pass the microphone around was a mistake and lesson learned.

Thank you to everyone for your support, encouragement and feedback.

We need the support to continue to be able to bring all the games to your homes for as long as we are unable to allow fans in.

Please continue to report any issues/feedback to Rob via e-mail rob@southportfc.net but please bear in mind, internet issues where you are watching from, the device you are watching on are outside the control of the club and we are unable to assist with technical issues.


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