Firstly we would like to thank our supporters for their support as we launched our brand new streaming service just in time for our first home game against Morpeth.

There have been some teething problems but we have worked hard to rectify the issues as they have been brought to our attention.

The viewing figures have been very encouraging with Season Ticket Holders and Members enjoying the service as part of their package and a good number of people tuning in game by game.

We have tested several Apple devices this week and we are pleased to update that supporters should now be able to watch on an iphone/ipad.

You can help by following a few simple rules;

The codes you are given are case sensitive and you are advised to copy and paste rather than input yourself. If you do self input take care with the letter I and the number 1 they are different and this is the biggest cause of people saying the code doesn’t work. Also a letter O is different to a number 0.

If you get a message telling you to input an authorisation code this will be sent to the e-mail address you used to purchase the stream it usually takes around two minutes to arrive maximum. Check your SPAM/Junk Mail folders as it may go to them. Input it exactly as you see it. This is a random security check.

Do not try to share your code. This will freeze out the first person who has used it.

A wired internet connection is the best way of watching or in a place with a strong internet connection. We input the camera direct to the router and the stream coming out of the club is very strong. Buffering issues are usually down to poor internet connections.

We are unable to respond to questions after the game has started as all the people involved in the stream are occupied with their roles from 2.30/7.15 onwards.

We can view IP addresses and see the amount of time a stream has been viewed so if an issue is reported we can see what has happened if an IP address is provided.

Finally we thank our stream team of Alan Jones and James Houghton who have taken to commentating like a duck to water, Nicola Cave who has acted as back up commentator and is also responsible on a matchday for the management of the overlays. Bethany Whelan is new to the team and is our camera lady and responsible for setting the overlays up. Julia Urwin gets the camera set up for each game and manages Rob’s matchday stress levels. Last but not least James Tedford and Rob Urwin are the production managers who ensure everything goes out smoothly on the day. Rob and James were at the forefront of getting everything up and running. As Rob says “when you hit the start broadcast button and see it going out you breath a huge sigh of relief, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work but you never know”

We introduced a brief build up to the game on Saturday and have a few more ideas in the pipeline to enhance the service from Go Live to the final whistle instead of people sitting with a blank screen when the stream starts and at half time. The commentators now have their headsets kindly provided by Michael Reece which should cut out some of the background noise although as we discovered on Saturday, not all!

With social distancing in place it is not possible to share microphones which makes doing interviews ahead of the game and at half time difficult but we are looking at how we may make this work.

We appreciate any feedback but please use either our Contact Us form on the website or e-mail directly with any comments or suggestions and avoid posting on Social Media.

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