STATEMENT | Adrian Shandley Resigns From Club Board Of Directors

Adrian Shandley has today resigned from the board of directors.

On his resignation, Adrian said “After much thought and consideration I have sadly decided to resign from the SFC board for reasons that are nothing whatsoever to do with football or the club.”

“When I first invested in the club I did so for one reason only, that was to make sure that the future of the club would not rest with one person, and instead would be in the hands of a board of directors, each having equal voice in the decision making process. It is my belief that this is the only way that SFC should be run and I believe we have achieved that.”

“As a board, over the last three months, we have drawn up and agreed a very exciting forward plan, which will hopefully take the club on to great things, full details of this plan will be unveiled in the not too distant future. I am very excited about what the future holds for my club.”

“I have never seen a board work harder, this is a good board of directors and I can assure all the fans that the club is in the hands of a really good group of people committed to taking SFC forward to success and great things. I have never seen any sort of disagreement at board level; I am leaving only because I cannot commit enough time to the club with my other business, personal and charity obligations. Being involved with the club is a huge commitment; to remain would be to the detriment of my family.”

“My business commitments are increasing enormously in 2018 and I have also been very upfront from the beginning about the fact that I spend a lot of time travelling both in the UK and abroad, on business and also pleasure. This travel is also set to increase in 2018 and I cannot therefore give the time that the forward plan truly deserves.”

“I will not serve on a board where I do not feel I am pulling my equal weight.”

“The club now has a strong board of directors for the future, I will still be involved in home match days and I am committed to finishing the upgrade of the disabled access facilities, which I have been very involved with.”

“My investment will remain in the club, because to sell my shares to a third party would only divert valuable funds away from the club. Premier Wealth Management Limited has for many years been a major sponsor of SFC and that will continue for as long as possible.”

“Finally I wish all the continuing directors well for the future, they are a great bunch, and the future looks bright. UP THE PORT!”

Ian Kyle said “On behalf of the continuing board of directors, we thank Adrian for his efforts over the past few months and wish him all the best. We all look forward to continuing to hear his jokes in the corporate lounge on match days!”

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