Southport Vote Option 3

Yesterdays National League Zoom meeting left the clubs with three options :

Interim General Manager of The National League, Mark Ives, has requested each Member Club to provide views on three points:

  1. The operation of a Club Loan process.
  2. The operation of a National League Loan.
  3. A suspension to The National League 2020/21 season.

The purpose of feedback is to assist the Board in understanding views of all 66 Clubs. The Board will be meeting before the end of the week.

The Southport response:

As a club we have worked incredibly hard to make everywhere as safe as possible for everyone associated with the club and those visiting as evidenced by our being the first National League North club post COVID to host fans.

Safety has been a constant concern, both in respect of the stadium, coach travel, and ensuring that grounds we visit are COVID safe.

We have continued to date on the basis that we had the backing and support of the National League in that continual striving for safety.

Unfortunately, attitude shown towards the club by the National League through December and January have, rightly or wrongly, left us questioning this support.

At the recent National League meeting, I tried to raise the issue of safety for our players, staff and volunteers but was informed that it was not the correct forum. I am not aware that a “correct” Forum has to date been made available for this specific discussion. It is for these reasons, and not necessarily the loan/grant argument that we have voted option 3 i.e to suspend. We have only voted option 3 because option 4 is not available i.e to null and void the season.

My view, and that of my fellow directors Steve and Liam, is that health and safety should be discussed before finances.

Ian Kyle

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