Southport FC And GDPR
May 24, 2018 842 Views

Southport FC And GDPR

As supporters are no doubt aware, the EU’s GDPR regulations come into force this Friday 25th May, causing changes in the way the Club handles the personal data of our supporters and partners.

Over the past several months the Club has been preparing for GDPR by reviewing all of our policies and procedures, and seeking external legal expertise.

GDPR will cause several changes in the way the Club interacts with supporters and handles personal data.

Online Accounts

When the current version of launched in 2016, a membership system was active on the site, primarily for the purpose of accessing highlights. As this system is no longer used, and every member who gave permission to be contacted has been added to our mailing list, this membership database will be deleted before the GDPR implementation date on Friday.

Kaizen Ticketing Accounts

The account system provided by Kaizen Ticketing (for the purpose of season tickets and match tickets) is a separate login that will NOT be deleted.

Kaizen Ticketing operate under their own privacy policy which can be accessed both HERE and on the privacy policy section of our own website HERE.

Mailing Lists

Under GDPR, the Club is required to retain proof that mailing list subscribers have provided permission to be contacted. The Club has access to this proof for the vast majority of our mailing list, with the exception of subscribers who signed up during the Derby County ticket sales in late 2014.

On Thursday the Club will distribute an email to subscribers requesting this permission, and any member of the mailing list where proof can not be provided, will be unsubscribed.

To ensure you are subscribed to our mailing list, please click HERE

Press Releases

The Club, when appropriate, distributes press releases to members of the local and national media. These press releases do fall under the remit of GDPR, and the Club has already begun the process of contacting media partners individually to obtain their consent.

Should any member of the media wish to contact the club themselves to request Press Release distribution, please contact


The Club treats the personal data of our supporters and partners incredibly seriously. The Club has always and continues to pledge that your data will be handled responsibly, carefully, securely and appropriately.

Should any supporter have queries on the Club’s implementation of GDPR regulations, please email

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