Please contact if you are looking for any Southport programmes no matter how old, we will try and assist if we can.

2020-21 Home Programme All Change

We have listened to the feedback received from our supporters and there will now be an option available to have a printed programme available to everyone who takes out a season’s subscription.

The subscription cost will be at the full rate of £52.50 for 21 league programmes now available to purchase online.

We will still post out printed copies if requested for an additional £35 for the season. Contact for details.

There will now be several ways to obtain the programme.

You will be able to subscribe for the season and it will be sent out via e-mail at a cost of £30 this includes all cup games. This will be a pdf version.

You will be able to scan a QR code at the ground on a matchday and be taken to the page to pay £2 with the programme then being available on your phone or tablet.

You can order a pdf copy on a game by game basis (£2 each) and all orders submitted by 8pm on a Friday will be sent out by e-mail ahead of the game. Any orders submitted after this time will be sent out after the game.

Anyone taking out a membership will have the option to add the programme (pdf) to their membership package for an extra £2 per month. This includes any cup games.

Supporters who have taken out an e-programme subscription already will be given the option to “upgrade” to a printed version for an additional one off payment of £20.

Any member (paying monthly) adding the printed programme to their membership will be able to do so with a £20 upgrade payment in place.

No printed programmes will be given out free or part of a package with the one exception being our matchday mascot who receives a programme as part of the mascot package. Sponsors, officials, boardroom, players and press will be able to use the QR code free of charge.


The e-programme can still be printed off if desired.

Example QR Code-Point your phone or ipad at the code and the programme will be delivered to your device. The example is free.

Any questions? Contact for more details.