Prediction League 2024-25

    Back to FREE ENTRY for 2024-25 with the glory, and a trophy, for the winner.

    Please show your predicted finishing position in the text boxes to the named teams.

    How does it work? Easy. You predict Southport to finish first and they do you will score 24 points. If you predict Southport to finish 1st and they finish 24th you would score 1 point and so on for each team.

    The tie breaker is the person closest to Southport's finishing position. If that doesnt produce a winner there will be a play off.

    Each placing should be used once only.

    As well as using the online entry, entry forms can also be sent to or sent in the post to Rob Urwin(SFCPL) 19 Hillsview Road, Ainsdale, Southport, PR8 3PW.

    Closing Date 3pm Saturday August 10th

    League Table

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