PARTNER | Soccer Supplement Up Southport’s Game
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PARTNER | Soccer Supplement Up Southport’s Game

Soccer Supplement is the official nutrition partner of Southport Football Club, their first senior non-league club sign-up.

The company specialise in nutritional requirements of footballers, developing a supplement range to deliver elite performance on the pitch, and complete recovery away from it. They work directly with many professional clubs and their goal is to become the go-to supplier of football related nutritional support.

Tom Mellor, Sales Channel Manager of Soccer Supplement said; “We’re proud to be Southport’s Official Nutrition partner for the season and beyond. We aim to help give the player that crucial extra % on and off the field in a season which we hope sees the club achieve promotion to the National League.”

Neil Skidmore, Southport FCs Head Performance Coach & Sports Scientist gives more information on the partnership and the benefits:

Why choose Soccer Supplement?

I searched the market for the best available sports supplementation company that we could realistically afford and that would get the best out the players. Soccer Supplement have been great with us, they worked within our budget and helped me to design and implement a Peak Performance Plan which is aided by their supplements.

Josh Langley using the Soccer Supplement product pre-match.

So what do Soccer Supplement offer and what are the benefits?

I have taken advantage of their whole range that is specifically designed for footballers (it’s not just branding being called Soccer Supplement). Their products are designed to be used in football to get the absolute best out of each player.

The range of gels, Focus90 and Fuel90, help with the pre-match and the half-time fuelling needs of each player. The ingredients allow for the players to be completely focused at the start of the match utilising Beta-Alanine and Caffeine. Allowing for a fast rate of absorption of simple sugars that are included in the half-time energy gels, of which contain 28 grams of carbohydrates.

The National League season is a mammoth one. Playing over 50 games in the space of 38 weeks (40 if in the play-offs), means that as soon as one game is finished, the next is right around the corner. Saturday – Tuesday – Saturday fixtures are hard, and for that reason the Recover90 is absolutely essential. As soon as the players come off the pitch, they will ingest a shake containing a mixture of carbohydrates and protein, which allows their bodies to replenish the depleted energy stores and aid the recovery process as soon as possible.

Why Soccer Supplement over all others?

The informed testing in sport is massive. Even though the players don’t get tested at this level, I want to make sure that what I give them is the absolute best products, cutting no corners with their preparation and recovery needs.

This season will be a great one for the club and I can’t thank Soccer Supplement enough for wanting to join us on this journey.

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