NEW | Head of Commercial Appointed
Oct 4, 2018 2532 Views

NEW | Head of Commercial Appointed

Southport Football Club are pleased to announce after a thorough selection process that Steve Brown has been appointed as the club’s new Head of Commercial.

With a vast knowledge and understanding of the football landscape, his previous roles include working with Premier League and Football League clubs to sell advertising space in a wide variety of formats. He also worked closely with other major sporting institutions within Super League and Rugby Union Clubs, as well as a number of Cricket teams.

"I’m very excited to be offered this opportunity. After speaking with key people at the club about the future plans, it makes it a great time to be involved. My commercial experience within the football industry means I can help the club as much as possible off the pitch to promote and enhance the partnership with local businesses."

Steve Brown on his appointment.

His background in football has also taken him to Blackpool FC when they were in the Championship and most recently with Morecambe FC as their Commercial Manager.

Before turning his career towards sales and sports advertising he spent time at JJB as the Head of the Golf Department.

Steve will start his role in November, but for the meantime everyone connected with Southport FC would like to welcome him to the club. In the coming weeks he will be actively speaking to local businesses and current partners.

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