Natalie Atkinson’s First Month In CEO Role
Feb 27, 2018 1328 Views

Natalie Atkinson’s First Month In CEO Role

A month in…..#oneport

How quickly a month has gone as I firmly have my feet under the yellow table! As I travelled over from Manchester today reflecting on my first month as CEO at Southport Football Club, I could not be happier with how things have gone and the reception from everyone involved at Haig Avenue. Starting any new job has a period of time of learning, development and reflection but as I have been involved in non league for a number of years it was straight into action on my first day.

The key to everything we do now as a football club is professionalism in all that we do from inside the boardroom, to the changing rooms, our social media accounts, to how we make a cuppa! I have always said that it is those one percent changes you can make will make a huge difference not only to the fans, but players and management. The workforce within the football club are a credit to us, I have seen an uplift and a spring in people’s steps as they go about their roles day to day, their professionalism has been excellent. This can be seen at the training ground, from the players and management, there has been a definite change in mindsight and focus – it is incredible to be part of.

Volunteers; what can I say!, all have been extremely positive to the new era and vision! I was delighted to launch our “OnePort Volunteers” scheme, that celebrates the wonderful volunteers that we have at the football club. This year is also Sefton Council’s Year of the Volunteer which we are piggy backing onto to raise the profile of our volunteers, with a monthly and then annual award for our volunteers. A huge thankyou to all our volunteers, without you many of the functions within the football club would not take place.

Getting to know the town has been my priority, the people, the area and businesses. I attended an event that the mayor could not get away from me as I chased him around a room talking to him about our vision! A thankyou to the Southport Visiter for the interviews and positive messages that have been released during my first month. The positive vibe that is in place within the football club is infectious and all involved are buying into the vision.

Meetings have taken place with two of our key sponsors; County Insurance and Digitel and whilst there have been improvements over the last few months there is still work to do to secure any partnership and for them to buy into our vision. I am very keen that our message to existing and new partners is that we are on a journey, and there is no better time to be involved with our football Club.

There are a number of projects that I have been investigating and meeting key people within the town to develop for our future; these include a college academy programme, a community charitable foundation and working with our commercial manager to enhance business links within and around Southport.

All in all a very successful month, here’s to many more!

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