MEETING | Former Players Association
Jun 2, 2019 795 Views

MEETING | Former Players Association

The first meeting on the Southport Football Club Former Players Association took place on Saturday evening in the 1881 Lounge.

We were able to get a couple more of our NL Players to sign the NL History book, Andy Farley and Keith Tierney and Colin Alty was delighted to be asked to be the Ambassador of our Sporting Memories Group which is relaunching in the very near future.

The turnout was a little disappointing with a number of late cry offs caused by a counter attraction on the television at 8pm but those that attended thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

As the organiser of the event, Dan Hayes, said “even if only one turns up it’s more than we have had in the past so every one joining the FPA is a bonus”

Member number 102 Andy Farley joined last night.

Dan has put a lot of work into getting the FPA up and running and looks forward to seeing more people join up and have more events in the future.

Full details and a list of members of The Former Players Association are HERE.

Keith Tierney signs the bookTrevor Hitchen & Allan Parkinson

Malcolm Russell, Colin Alty & Dave Pearson

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