INFO | Programmes Still Available

INFO | Programmes Still Available

“The Match That Never Was” programme is certain to be a collectors item in years to come and we have copies available to post out. Southport v Gateshead was due to have been played on March 14th before it was postponed due to the cancellation of most fixtures that weekend due to the escalation of cases of Coronavirus.

We are able to send a single copy out for £4 payable via paypal to or order directly online HERE

Additional copies can be sent out for £2.50 each plus £1.50 pp so if you want 5 copies it will cost 5 times £2.50 plus just £1.50 pp.

Some clubs have inflated the price of their final unused programme so make the most of this deal before the dealers cash in!

We can also send any programme from this season via a pdf transfer direct to your mail box at face value price of £2.50 each programme. These can also be paid for via paypal to or online. We have copies of all the programmes from this season available via pdf transfer.

Any queries can be sent to 

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