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In an effort to reduce the possibility of any wastage we have reduced the number of programmes we are printing per match. This will, on occasions, mean we sell out quickly as happened on Saturday in the game against Kettering Town. The previous week we had a number left over from a bigger gate so it is hard to gauge the amount needed.

Apologies to everyone who didn’t get a programme on Saturday.

If you are a regular programme buyer you can pay in advance for the season with a one match discount. For example there are 17 games left which would cost £42.50. By ordering in advance you can get them for £40 and so on 16 for £37.50 etc etc. This discount will apply up until the final 8 games.

Alternatively there is the option to have a pdf copy sent the day after the game for £2.50 direct to your e-mail.

Programmes can also be ordered online at a cost of £4 to include Postage & Packing.

All programme enquiries and orders can be sent to Rob Urwin by email to

You can also pay in the Club Shop before any game.

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