Make A Pledge For 21-22

Make A Pledge For 21-22

We are taking pledges for any event that may occur in the 21-22 season. You name it, pledge it and pay it!

Game by game pledges can also be made. so. if you want to pledge £10, for example. on a specific event in an individual game this can be done as well.

A few examples, but you can pledge on anything you want and it can be any amount making it good for the kids to have a go at and add even more interest to the games for them.

£5 for every penalty we score.

£1 for every goal we score.

£1 for every clean sheet.

£10 for every goal any individual player scores.

1p for every person who attends the home games, based on the officially announced gate.

£50 if we beat a certain team.

£500 if we win the league?

£5 for every own goal that goes our way.

FA Cup pledges? Anything you can think of?

Anything at all as long as it is realistic!!

You can keep track of the pledges on our website and in our matchday programme throughout the season. You can be anonymous if required as long as it is a signed pledge.

Rob Urwin is co-ordinating this scheme so contact Rob to make your pledge either by phone 077900-41514 or mail

You will receive a form to sign and agree payment either match by match or at the season end.

Pledges Received updated 22 September

Pledge Name Pledge Amount Amount Raised
1 Every Penalty Saved And Scored By Us (League) Growler £5 £15.00
2 Every Clean Sheet (League & Cup Games) Jack Carr Lads £1 £1.00
3 Every League Goal Jack Bainbridge Scores Delial Brewster £5 £0.00
4 Jack Bainbridge Scores A Hat-Trick Delial Brewster £50 £0.00
5 Every Goal Scored Direct From A Free Kick Joe Turner £5 £0.00
6 Every League Goal Scored Rob Urwin £1 £9.00
7 Every FA Cup/FA Trophy Match We Win Mark Rimmer £10 £10.00
8 If Port play an FA cup tie or replay within a 50 mile radius of Bath Pete Hawke £25 £0.00
9 If Port play an FA trophy tie or replay within a 50 mile radius of Bath Pete Hawke £25 £0.00
10 £5 if we finish bottom then £5 for every place higher £150 if win league Bill Sloan Max £150 £10.00
11 Every goal we score in FA Cup and FA Trophy matches. Martin Robinson £5 £15.00
12 Every goal Russ Benjamin scores in Lge, FA Cup & FA Trophy games Steve Wignall £100 £0.00
13 Every time we score 3 goals or more in a Lge, FA Cup or FA Trophy Game Mark Iddon £3 £3.00
14 Every Penalty Saved Michael Braham £10 £0.00
TOTAL £63.00

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