INTERVIEW | Transfer List To Title

INTERVIEW | Transfer List To Title

Kevin Lee was a fan favourite during his time at Southport, winning both the Conference North and the Liverpool Senior Cup during six seasons with the club.

He became a staple of Liam Watson’s 2009/10 title-winning side and returned to the Pure Stadium as a guest on Saturday.

Speaking on that season, Lee said: “First of all, the league we won was unbelievable, it was definitely the highlight of my career. Not just at Southport but growing up playing football it was the accumulation of everything coming together.

“That season looking from the outside people say Southport won the league but there was a lot more behind that in terms of politics such as how we won the league.”

Lee went on to talk about the two key reasons why he believed the Sandgrounders came out victorious in the fight with Fleetwood Town: “People know the story behind it but how we won that league was number one Liam who put the squad together and number two the set of lads that we had.

“People said it before and they say it again, it is a fact that Fleetwood were probably a far better team on paper they had a lot more money. We just had a bunch of lads that would go on the pitch and leave everything on there, time and time again Saturday, Tuesday, Saturday, Tuesday.

“Liam would fire it into us that we were a group of players. We loved each other on the pitch and off of it and I think that’s the main reason why we won the league.”

During his time at Southport he also won the Liverpool Senior Cup in 2010/11 and Lee stated that Watson instilled a winning mentality in the squad.

He added: “Liam always drilled into us just get into the way of winning and we always took it seriously no matter what cup competition that we were in, ‘go and win the cup’ winning breeds success.

“We just wanted to get into the habit of winning and that all comes from Liam. But as I said the group of lads we had was second to none.”

For his 500th game in charge of Southport earlier this season, Watson broke down his all-time Southport XI.

Kevin would feature in the team with Watson, calling him “one of my all time favourite players.”

Lee who thought his former manager was joking when he heard how Watson had described him went on to talk about his early relationship with Watson and how he went from the transfer list to playing the best football of his career.

“I thought he was taking the mick at first, when Liam came in we did not see eye-to-eye to start with. I was on the transfer list and he wanted to get rid of me but I turned it into a positive.

“I just looked at it as if I have got something to prove to him and more than anything I thought ‘right I’m going to go but I’m going to prove to him that I’m good enough to go wherever I want to go.’

“I kept myself fit, I played a few games and then Liam turned around to me and said he wanted me to stay and that was it.

“Under Liam I played the best football I ever played in my career and I know for a fact it was my most successful time and I loved every minute of it.”

Written by Josh Birch

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