Former Players Association

The FPA was created in 2019, as an independent entity to ensure that the club’s history and heritage was properly recognised, specifically the efforts of its former players and staff, after a significant period of upheaval at the club.
Supported by the new board of directors, club staff, and a volunteer committee, since that time the FPA has been able to meet each of its primary objectives, from the promotion of the history and heritage of the club, to the creation of a framework through which its members could participate in club activities, and the creation of a Hall of Fame into which 25 former players have been inducted so far.
Having successfully achieved those primary goals, as secretary of the FPA Dan Hayes approached the club earlier this season to discuss the future and  the club have agreed with this suggestion that the primary functions of the FPA would be better served as part of the club itself, rather than as an independent entity moving forwards.
Rob Urwin, who has sat on the committee of the FPA since its inception, and is now the club’s Head of Media, will ensure that the objectives of the FPA continue to be met under club oversight.
Furthermore with the club’s new partnership with the Big Help Project in place, there will be more opportunities for members to engage in community activities via the club’s Community Trust.
With the FPA therefore set to become part of the club itself, content specifically related to the FPA will now be held on the club website.

Rob added ” We are pleased to be able to take the FPA under the club umbrella and will, over the coming weeks, be looking at how we can build on the fantastic work Dan has done so far. I will welcome help in whatever form with this so please get in touch if you would like to be involved either by e-mail to or give me a call on 077900-41514. Having Former Players in attendance at our matches is something we want more of and will be looking at how we can build on this in the new season”

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