Youth Development Phase (U12-U16)

Under 12- Under 18

Teams are categorised by the relevant age group, with the “Under” commonly abbreviated to “U”, e.g. U12 .

This relates to the maximum age at the 31st August immediately before the start of the relevant season.  Players can be within a two year age band as indicated by the table below. Mixed sex football is allowed in all age groups up to and including Under 18s.

Age Group School Year School Year
Above Allowed
Under 12 Year 7 Year 6
Under 13 Year 8 Year 7
Under 14 Year 9 Year 8
Under 15 Year 10 Year 9
Under 16 Year 11 Year 10
Under 17 Year 12 Year 11
Under 18 Year 13 Year 11 & 12**

**To play Under 18’s football the player must be 15 years old on or before 31st August

Players who are aged under 15 at 31st August are also not permitted to play in a match where any other player is older or younger by two years or more than that person.

Games are played locally at weekends and may include regular tournaments throughout the season. The focus in this phase is on building technical skills, game understanding, tactical awareness and healthy competition. Selection for the match squad may be based on a mixture of competency, fitness, availability and conduct.

Our Teams

Under 12

Under 13s and Under 14s

Under 15s and Under 16s

We do not currently run any Under 17s or 18s teams.



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