We Are Southport
We Are Southport

Our Community Football Club

Our Mission

To provide the best possible football experience for everyone involved with our Club regardless of their age, sexuality, gender, ethnic origin or ability. We want to offer facilities and coaching in an atmosphere that is conducive to the development of every young person in terms of self-discipline, good behaviour and teamwork.

We want to provide all the boys and girls at Southport FC the maximum opportunity to develop their football, personal, social, educational and sporting skills to their full potential with the children’s welfare and enjoyment a priority in all decisions we make.

Our Purpose

To have a positive impact on the community and develop better people through football. We want to create a lasting legacy for anyone who comes into contact with our club and for them to develop a lifelong association whether as players, coaches, officials or supporters.

How We Play

We want our players to develop a well rounded football education, ensuring that as they get older and as the game changes they are equipped to deal with a wide range of situations and problems.

As such we won’t pigeonhole our players into positions at an early age and we don’t expect our teams to stick with rigid formations. We want all of our players to experience all of the game.

We want to:

  • Play attacking and creative football.
  • Display a positive attitude, showing respect and sportsmanship for all.
  • Give equal playing time wherever possible
  • Win the game, but not at the expense of the above.

Our Coaching Philosophy

We expect our coaches to create a positive learning environment. Their job is to encourage the players and team to buy into the Club’s objectives and this means putting the player’s needs before our own.

On occasion this may mean sacrificing a result in the short term, if it helps us to invest in player opportunity and development in the long term.

Our coaching philosophy is built around this firm commitment. It provides direction, purpose and guidance to the process of coaching young players. Community Coaches at Southport Football Club are all volunteers and will not be judged by the results in any league the team might be present in, instead our measure of success is the children they teach and whether they enjoy the sessions the coaches facilitate.

We promote an inclusive and fun coaching environment that is based on the English football associations four-corner model.

FA Four Corner Model 

Club Policies

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