COMMUNITY | Breakfast Club

COMMUNITY | Breakfast Club

Southport Football Club (SFC) and Southport Football Club Charity Foundation (SFCCF) are delighted to announce the continuation of the breakfast club up to the Christmas Holidays. Open Monday – Friday from 8-9am, the breakfast club was piloted for the first term of the school year at the request of Meols Cop High School due to limitations on capacity caused by the pandemic.

The Club reached out to Tesco (Southport Kew) and their community champion Adele Dennis who was quick support the breakfast club with the provision of bread, jams, cereal bars etc.  The store has had to cancel their ‘bags of help’ voting; however, they are still providing grants of £1,000 to support projects focused on local children and young people.

Mr Davis, assistant head teacher of Meols Cop High School commented “We would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to Southport Football Club and Tesco for their support of our students. In the current climate it is more important than ever that we support each other and strengthen ties within our community. The club and Tesco have really stepped up to the plate and have helped to ensure that no child will go to school hungry”

Christine Classon, Trustee SFCCF said “Since the formation of the board of trustees we have worked hand in hand with the club to develop community projects within the town and the launch of breakfast club epitomises our drive to be as supportive as possible to everyone within our community”

Currently the breakfast club has 15-25 young people who use the facilities each day. Some will “grab and go” whilst other will utilise the facilities and spend time with their friends prior to the school day.

For more information on the work of the community foundation please contact


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