Club Statement Re Appeals

Southport FC would like to express their gratitude to the FA in reaching the correct decision in relation to the Club’s appeal against a fine levied on them by the National League  for allegedly misinforming the league, resulting in a game due to be played in December against Fylde being postponed.

It is extremely unfortunate that the National League saw fit to fine Southport during such a difficult period in any event, and more so that the League saw fit to announce publicly that the Club had been charged with  misinforming  the league, despite the fact, and as was agreed by the FA, the League did not have sufficient evidence of misinformation on the part of the Club.

It is disappointing to note that no apology has been received from the National League.

In relation to the failed appeal concerning the Curzon game, we are now considering our options so will refrain from further comment.

The full summaries of all the club’s appeals can be read HERE

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