Foundation Phase (U7-U11)

Foundation Phase (U7-U11)

Foundation Phase games are played locally, usually on Sundays, and may include regular events that involve 3 or more Clubs. The focus in this phase is fun and developing mastery of the ball. Games take place on age-appropriate pitches. Matches are small-sided games for each age group. Subject to fitness and availability for selection, all players will participate in at least 50% of match playing time reasonably spread out in any one season.

The age group for each player is determined by their age as at midnight on 31st August for each playing season.
Mixed sex football is allowed in all age groups up to and including Under 18s.

All of our Foundation Phase teams play in the Craven Minor League.

Selective retention and elimination of young players in youth football is a major concern. In the Foundation (U7-U11) and Youth Development (U12-U16) phases of our Club there will be no ability based selection or trials. We are a development club and we do not believe that outside of the Academy, where focus turns to developing players for a future professional contract, there should be any selective retention.

Our Teams

Under 7s and Under 8s
Under 9s and Under 10s
Under 11s

Playing “Up” an age

A child, but not a team, is allowed to play up an age group from the one that is theirs once they reach the age of 7. This means if you are playing in Under 7s you can play up by 1 age group, in Under 8s, but not in Under 9s.

If your correct age group is Under 8s, you can play up by 1 age group in Under 9s, but not in under 10s. This repeats through all of the age groups all the way up to Under 16s.

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