1966 Main Stand Fire Donations

The following table is a list of donations as published by the Southport Visiter within one month of the fire. This list carries the entries in the order in which they were publisher however you can sort the table by clicking on the headers, or search using the box just above.

Burnley F.C.10500
Stephenson Newspapers Ltd5000
Major W H Stephenson O.B.E.2500
Floodlight Club5000
Mr & Mrs S Doupe1000
Anon (per D Clarke)100
Mr. E. M. Baker (Leeds)330
John Davies050
John and David Wright (Ardleigh)076
V. J. Breen (Preston)050
M. R. Morris (Isle Of Wight)100
J. T. Richardson (Burton-on-Trent)110
A. Dyson (Mirfield)100
"An Old Sandgrounder"050
J. E. Soultys (Burnley)0100
I. Bloch500
F. H. Lomax10100
E. Turner550
A. I. Shelfon (Prestwich)1000
I. Percival M.P.10100
Mrs I. Walton2000
R. Quartley (Trowbridge)050
C. Simms (Altrincham)0100
Barbara James0100
J. E. Carr100
Mrs. Wolfendale (Rhyl)300
A. Harwood100
H. Tyson (Worsley)200
H. Stirzaker (Urmston)0100
Anon (solicitors)400
A. J. Grimp550
C. Baxter0100
Bell School of Languages F.C. (Cambridge)110
Liverpool Supporter0100
Sandgrounders' Club5000
Fosters' Portable Buildings (St. Helens)500
W.H. Caldwell (Warrington)500
J. Abbot (Hale)100
K. P. James110
F. M. James222
Mr. James500
L. P. Rimmer526
Mr. Simpson100
J. Cooper100
D. Whitham200
Mr. Greensmith (York Road building site)2129
Lewis Rapaport (Majorca)52100
Richmond Hotel950
Crown Hotel, Birkdale0199
George Hotel4126
Bold Arms, Churchtown5100
Bold Hotel, Lord St1000
Wimpey Bar, Lord St166
Mr. Ogden090
J. Blagdon (Station Taxis)1000
Radio Yellow Top Taxis10100
Southport FC General Improvements Fund10100
Cheshire Lines Hotel500
Marion (Black Horse, Much Hoole)5150
Floodlight Club700
C.E.N.R.O. (Per T. Redmond)2100
Palace Hotel17511
G. Durno100
S. Baxter100
Collection at Wigan Athletic V Southport match25127
Two Wigan Athletic F.C. Directors200
Collection at Southport Reserves V South Liverpool match2100
Everton F.C.25000
Liverpool F.C.25000
Wrexham F.C.10000
Southport F.C. Board Of Directors100000
Mr Bellengall100
Thomas Melling1000
K Gaskell2100
Dart Match Proceeds Radio Yellow Tops and Floodlight Club1000
A. N. Other200
J. Moyle100
Master Leslie Beard100
A. Swift500
Staff at Boots Grove Factory1100
J. Howard500
J. Cormick0100
Mel Leskowitz (St. Louis, U.S.A.)1000
H. Marsden, Hightown500
Mrs. A. M. Oliver (Wolverhampton)220
Southport Paraplegic Social Club550
Provincial Press Agency10100
Howard Estates2500
T. S. Whitehead1000
D. S. Morgan (Cardiff)220
Robert J. Reed (Hayes, Middlesex)026
J. R. Priestley (Chelmsford)500
F. L. Parker (Old Age Pensioner of Notts.)020
Herbert Fearn500
Mrs. George Robertson2000
Bert Fish2100
Mrs. K. Oscroft (notts)1000
Harold Brown (Maghull)500
Mrs. Mary Orr500
Leslie Burton100
Mr. and Mrs. K. Roberts100
Mr. Steadman100
Various Anonymous600
Mr Heaward (London)100
Mr. Linaker200
Birkdale Labour Club7138
Staff at Mellos, Lord Street2100
Mr. and Mrs. France (Rochdale)330
Norman Lister (Formby)500
Anon Collectior of Sixpences500
Alex Wooton (Stirling)100
Haig Avenue Gatemen5130
Post Office Staff5150
David Anthony and Karen Toubkin1500
Absentee Entrance Fee040
Gordon Gaskell, Southport50000
P. D. Duncan500
Cyril Kennan5000
A. Rimmer1100
F. Weatherby (Heskin)1100
Chester F.C.10000
Anon (Crosby)500
Liverpool County F.A.5000
Geffrey Marsden500
Cedric Pools (Manchester)2500
Carlisle United F.C.10100
Manchester City10500
York Road Building Site1146
York Road Volunteer Darts106
Palace Hotel Collecting Box5150
C.E.N.R.O. (Per T. Redmond) (second entry)700
Fleetwood Hesketh F.C.10100
C. A. Hardy (Wilmslow)2500
R. G. McKendrick500
M. Cooper100
Volunteer Inn Lions Darts Team106
B. Derbyshire100
R. Ryman100
L. McLoughlan100
Anon (Liverpool)0100
M. Rubins (York)100
Christopher Hackett (Kendal)050
Unique Bingo Club550
Banks F.C.110
"Faithful Supporter"100
F. M. James150
Anon (Clitheroe)0106
Collection by David Cope, aged 10076
J. W. Dickinson and Sons Ltd.10100
Blue Star Restaurant500
W. Harris660
Manchester United F.C.25000
Staff at Townend Bros.500
The Ladies, Haig Avenue100
Matila Rimmer10000
Bold Hotel Collecting Box, Lord Street1700
Leonard Lucas (Brighton)2500
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Young10100
J. Breward (Blackpool)330
Southport Professional Golfers500
F. Wormaid1000
J. Butterworth Ltd.500
F. W. Veale10100
Southport C.I.D.3100
J. Brown050
Hall and Greaves550
S. Johnson500
G. H. Whittaker500
P. P. Bayley-Brown220
J. R. Glover1000
Eric Jones100
H. Wright500
"Staunch Supporter R.M"050
Thomas Rimmer500
D.N. Story0150
B. M. Howard0100
E. and J. Garner100
F. Taylor220
H. W. and W. M. Carr100
Miss M. Francis0100
Mrs. M. J. Charlton220
D. B. Mentha330
C. Pilkington and others2100
Margery Ostenfield550
P. M. Wooley660
G. and B. A. Deeley100
P.M. Birkdale100
Staff Ormskirk Branch100
B. M. Young Southport Sports Centre500
E. A. Butterworth1000
Les King and Family1100
W. S. Gleave550
C. Thomas550
D. Jardine200
J. P. Davies1000
M. Corcoran1100
M. R. Yelland500
St. Andrews' Church110
Southport. G.P.O. Engineers826
Southport v Stockport Proceeds53900
W. Halewood for Mrs. O. Winters0100
C. L. Wood500
London Hotel430
Blowick Hotel4150
Collection at Stockport match5400
W. Sinclair (for Staff Horrocks and Watson)3146
G. Pendlebury100
F. A. and T.E. Aughton200
Mrs. N. B. Millington100
Collection Mullards, Blowick400
Kirkby Town F.C.2500
Marriner Bros.10100
D. Walsh.100
Southport Jewish Fundraisers550
Albert A. B. King0100
"Two OAPs. Scarisbrick New Road"0100
R. A. L. Roskell500
C. E. Jones1000
Essdee Glove Factory2140
Southport Police Sports and Welfare Club2000
Cyril Black (Rochdale)550
David Gordon (Manchester)550
Proceeds Dance Palace Hotel46280
W. L. Bingham500
Collection among Southport F.C. Players1400
W. A. Messenger (Formby)550
Blackburn Rovers F.C.10500
Floodlight Club and Yellow Top Darts1100
Meols Cop School Cleaners0120
M. and J. Mason (aged 7 and 9)080
Renders Coal Merchants550
Edna Blundewll, Churchtown Schoolware4110
Floodlight Club200
C.E.N.R.O. (Per T. Redmond) (third entry)3160
G. Block500
E. and S.E. Green (Malton, Yorks.)555
A. H. Green (Malton, Yorks)1100
Margaret Mason (aged 9)200
John Peters (Wembley)100
Thursday Nighters' Old Time Dance Club1100
Southport Amateur Operatic Society1100
B. Tredgett (Surrey)036
J. D. Hewitson550
Admission money036
Mr and Mrs. C. J. Sach200